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KJ Jones Roofing of Brymbo.
Specialising in Welsh slate roofs. 
KJ Jones Roofing Contractors of Brymbo - 
Specialising in Welsh slate roofs, Tiling & Lead work.
KJ Jones Roofing Contractors of Brymbo - Specialising in Welsh slate roofs, Tiling & Lead work.  Covering Wrexham, Oswestry , Shrewsbury , Whitchurch and North Wales areas.  Welsh Slate has been used for many centuries and is regarded as the finest slate in the World.
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A good slate roof can easily last 150 years and maybe a lot longer.

The four basic elements of a slate roof include: 
1) The slate itself. This should be a hard variety with a reputation for longevity. 
2) The roof deck. This should be a board deck (not laminated wood) at least 3/4" in thickness. 
3) The flashings (the sheet-metal joints between roof planes). These should be copper or stainless steel, although the old "tin" flashings will last quite a long time if kept painted and are easily replaced when they wear out. 
4) The nails they should be copper or stainless steel, but cut steel nails and hot-dipped galvanized steel nails will easily last a century or two on a well-maintained slate roof. 

These four elements make up a basic slate roof stone slabs attached with nails to a properly sloped wood roof deck and flashed where necessary with appropriate sheet metal. Such a roofing system is very simple, yet amazingly durable and long-lasting. 
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Specialising in:· 
New Roofs, 
Fascia’s & Guttering, 
Felt & Battening,
All types of lead work.

We Also:
Repair Damaged roofs.

We work with:
Slate, Tile, Membrane and Metal Roofs.

KJ Jones Roofing 
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KJ Jones Roofing Contractors 
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We are a local family run business since 2000, fully insured and with over 16+ year's experience.  Our 3 member team are highly skilled and trained to the highest level and offer a well-seasoned high quality finish.

We are based in Brymbo near Wrexham and cover all North Wales, and as far as Manchester England.
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KJ Jones Roofing Contractors of Brymbo.
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